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        Banana Pulp

        We are here to offer a rich collection of sweet bananas that are highly fresh, spotless and mark less. These bananas are very tasty and rich in fiber nutrients such as vitamin B6 vitamin C and potassium. This constituent a considerable part of our healthy diet.

        Price : Rs. 1000-1500 per packet

        Guava Pulp

        We provide a good range of fresh Guava pulp which is packed at an extremely hygienic condition and being manufactured at highly quality controlled atmosphere. As you are aware we are procuring all the raw material for the pulp directly from the growers and this hence avoid any kind of leverage of price that comes in existence when many traders a... read more

        Price : Contact For Price

        Mango Pulp

        The exclusive collection of a variety of main breeds of Mango pulp like Alphonso totapuri dussehri and kesar makes us different from all running general brands in the market. We are supplying to the all over the world in a suitable quantity packages as per the requirements of the clients. Otherwise we have a standard packing of half kg one kg a... read more

        Price : Contact For Price

        Papaya Pulp

        Papaya, a great nutrient food item and a good part of our regular diet and is full of its nutrient qualities. We obtain papaya in regular quantities from different places and directly from the growers of Papayas so that there should not be anything/anyone involved in the quality and maintenance of the fresh fruit and any other kind of contaminat... read more

        Price : Contact For Price

        Pineapple Pulp

        Pineapple pulp is a fresh juicy decently maintained at quality controlled temperatures to maintain its freshness. We take the well ripen pineapples directly from the growers and then these are processed in our processing dept after proper cleaning and cutting. We freeze the stuff to maintain its freshness and originality. We avoid using any adde... read more

        Price : Contact For Price

        Sapota Pulp

        Our sapota pulp is prepared from natural sapota fruits having an aromatic flavor with a combination of vanilla and banana. These are very rich in iron.

        Price : Contact For Price

        Tomato Pulp

        When it comes to Tomato pulp you are going to recall our name if only once you have tried our tomato pulp.
        We have technologically ahead suited temperature controlled storage for the fresh fruits n vegetables. We directly acquired the tomatoes from the tomato growers and then it is processed under extremely hygienically quality controlled ... read more

        Price : Contact For Price

        Guava Slices

        Our guava slices are fresh and tasty to eat. We supply our guava slices to all over the world apart from India. They are packed using high quality packaging techniques.

        Price : Contact For Price

        Frozen vegetable

        We are supplier of forzen vegetable
        viz. Arvi (Colacassia)
        Baby Okra
        Coconut Shredded
        Cut Okra
        French Beans
        Green Chilly
        Green Peas
        Guvar (Cluster Beans)

        Price : 150k / 200 gm

        Company Name : Suyog food processing

        Mango pulp

        We supply frozen pulp of different fruits viz. custered apple, guava, chiku etx

        Price : Rs. 428/-

        Company Name : Suyog food processing