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        Frozen Snacks and Meals

        Products to be heated in microwave
        We offer a wide variety of ready to eat food items that can be simply heated in the microwave and consumed. These are hygienically processed food items packed in single use quantity. Ideal for quick cooking, we offer a variety of food items that please the taste buds.

        Company Name : VaishVik Foods Pvt. Ltd.

        Product Specifications/Features :
        • Corn Biryani
        • Veg Pulav
        • Khichadi
        • Dal Fry
        • Chole Masala
        • Mutter Masala
        • Alu Mutter
        • Palak Paneer
        • Paneer Bhurji
        • Corn Halwa
        • Gajar Halwa
        • Sheera Corn
        • Upma Kadhi